April 12, 2024

Interesting Lovense Calor Review 2024 | Sex Toy review

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lovense calor

Interesting Lovense Calor Review 2024 | Sex Toy review

Calor is the newest addition to the Lovense line of sex toys. Calor is a heated, remote-controlled masturbator for men that provides an unmatched degree of customisation.

It feels, in my opinion, just like the real thing, which is why even I find it a little unnerving. Even while technology is already smarter than humans, it seems to be surpassing us by a huge margin, particularly when it comes to sexual fulfillment in particular.

Calor is the latest addition to the Lovense sex toy collection. Calor is an incredibly customizable hot masturbator for men that can be controlled with a remote.

From my perspective, it feels just like the real thing, which is why even I find it a little unnerving. It seems that technology is surpassing humans on a whole new level, particularly when it comes to sexual fulfillment, even if it is already more sophisticated than humans.

Lovense Calor Review

The combination of vibration, squeeze, and depth control may be tuned to fit almost any size and personal preference configuration. Calor will give you orgasms that will alter your life forever with only a little amount of trial and error.

You have a good deal of options available to you when it comes to vibration settings. Starting off with a slight tingling feeling and working your way up to a level of intensity that will literally pound your meat. It has the right amount of power to satisfy your body’s needs, whatever that may be.

Regardless of your distance from one another, you can operate it from your phone or give your partner control. It’s also possible to store your preferences so you can use them later.

The fact that the vibrations intensify as you go further into this amazing stroker is one of my favorite aspects of it.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers earth-shattering orgasms; for me – similar to actual sex
  • Provides rumbling vibrations and has nice grooves on the inside for more sensation
  • Features 3 depth control sensors – the deeper you penetrate, the more the toy responds
  • Costs less compared to similar sex toys (especially if you take advantage of the Lovense discount)
  • Has unlimited functions and power levels
  • Can be used under running water
  • Is easy to clean (use a mild soap or sex toy cleaner)
  • Helps people with ED or the elderly who could use a little help
  • Easier to grip compared to most male masturbators, including Lovense Max 2
  • No need to buy batteries, cords, or adapters – Calor is fully rechargeable and everything you need is in the package
  • Made of non-porous silicone inside makes it 100% body-safe
  • Features a heating function and depth control unlike most pocket pussies


  • The pressure is controlled manually – by pressing the grip-side of the toy (I personally enjoy this feature but others may not)

How does it work?

Lovense Calor performs a number of tasks, the most notable being depth control, warmth, squeezing, and vibration.

It has three depth sensors installed.

The toy’s sensitivity increases in intensity as you go further inside it. The motor next to your penis is turned on when it passes through one of the inside sensors.

Additionally, it has a compressor that allows you to hold and squeeze more tightly while masturbating, as well as an adjustable heating option.

Lovense Calor Review

Between 38 and 42 degrees Celsius are the operating temperatures for the heating feature.

To turn on the heating feature, you need to use a charging cable, connect the cord to the device, and press and hold the A button for three seconds. Depending on the room’s temperature, it could take five to twenty minutes to heat up.

At the point that button B’s orange light ceases to flicker, the toy has reached its maximum temperature.

Because this feature demands you to do so, you should take the temperature of the toy with your fingers before using your penis to penetrate it. Stop those frigid Fleshlights!

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